Yoga Retreat Eco-Adventures; Maui and Kona, Hawai‘i; Byron Bay, Australia
Yoga Cleansing Retreat Adventures
Maui and Kona, Hawaii
Byron Bay, Australia
retreat adventures in paradise
retreat adventures in maui
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The ultimate in cleansing. Cleans out your whole SMALL intestine. Eliminating parasites, digestive problems, allergies, arthritis, diabetes and all the emotions and addictions that went in too!

You get your perfect weight back too !!

To learn more about SEAWATER CLEANSE go to Retreats or to our Blog & learn more from Gyan; our Seawater Specialist




Cleansing Retreats
Outdoor Adventures
Maui and Big Island of Hawaii
Byron Bay, Australia

Light Journey Retreats offers an array of unique Hawaiian cleansing and adventure retreats that are educational as well as fun, for the whole family. Bring your own group to our Retreat Center affiliate that can sleep up to 20, or bring a few friends and design your own Healthy Retreat at a number of different venues on island, depending if you want to be oceanfront or upcountry or in the jungle. We have accommodations for all and design the food and meals based on your desires and needs, from gluten free to healthy proteins for athletic and active people.

We have found important new research that links the high rates of chronic conditions to the high levels of toxicity in our air, food, soils, and especially our water, and we have proof. Since we have been at the forefront of Health and Cleansing because we believe in living life fully, our latest focus is adding more detoxification information and products, to our exclusively designed healthy and active retreats.

We've just added Sports Specific Healthy Re"treats". Now you can build up your strength in a number of disciplines, while getting excellent health and nutritional advice, in paradise. Sports 'add-in-options' can include surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, stand-up paddling, horseback riding and cycling (road or mountain). Combine these sports with some of the best therapists and naturopaths and healers in the world and you'll be on your way to the 'top of your game'. There's no accident that we have world class athletes here and world class 'healers', as well as some of the best sports medicine doctors, which widens the spectrum.

In order to maintain a reasonable lifestyle without too much change, too fast, we have sourced an excellent way to start at home, that you can give to your kids. It is no longer just about eating well and growing organic. Click here to learn why. If you'd like to get started from home now, just click on this link. This is an excellent PRE Hawaii Retreat Program too.

Our workshops and classes teach new paradigm skills to 'take your life back' from growing your own food to growing your own business. We now offer a stay at home Cleansing Program, a virtual encyclopedia of Cleansing, Diet, Nutrition, Exercise for today's environment, through our online Health Coaching Program. In our Eco Store, we have sourced the best products for detoxification of our bodies as well as for our Earth, from home use colonic units to windmills to Electric Scooters and bicycles . Our services include an A to Z of health modalities found right here on Maui, and we only source and use the Best !! Why? Because YOU're worth it.

Be a virtual guest or a Maui one. A guest with us can focus on Cleansing the body of ailments and addictions or just LOSING WEIGHT, in the most natural and graceful way we've found. We offer 3 types of cleansing Retreats based on either the SeaWater Cleanse or Raw n Juice diet or 'Healthy Fast Food 4 the active person' diet. We grow and use our own Hawaiian Healing herbs, medicines and teas that assist every cleanse and are a daily staple with every stay.

If you can't make it to Maui right now, you can order some very healing and cleansing products via some of our most trusted friends and health advocates - for good nutritional advice at home: such as Wayne Pickering's - The Center for Nutrition and The Raw Divas. You can also get a complete Movement Package with a yoga swing. A friend of mine invented the best portable professional in-home Colonic Hydrotherapy unit too, called the Ergo Cleanse.

Adventure is our middle name. Waterfalls, beaches, volcanoes, jungles and forests....just imagine. One can take a wild dolphin journey on 1 - 3 islands to really expand the fun and love consciousness, or come learn how to surf and eat well on enzyme rich food, and get a 4 hand massage or 8, with your partner.

You can join us for our 'Eco Retreat Biz Training' to learn new skills and training to work for yourself, as an answer to todays' needs. We also offer Hawaiian Healing Arts immersion through local Kahunas on island. Raw food preparation and nutritional classes are in 3 day workshops or by online/phone consultations. We even come in to your home and give your kitchen a makeover - throw out what 'kills' and replace with healthy alternatives and education. See our Health Consulting Section.

Whatever you choose, we always offer yoga and meditation, colonic hydrotherapy, massage (hot stone and other), sound therapy, enzyme rich raw food, lots of outdoor adventures and BEing at peace in beautiful nature with no agenda, or playing to your hearts content!

Check the testimonials for an idea of the RESULTS you can expect in 7 - 10 days if you are cleansing and here to lose weight and to add to your 'nutritional' bank account. The longer you stay, the more results you receive and more Maui adventures you experience. Of course, you can just come for our 3 or 5 day stays too.

Retreats can be led by our HEALING TEAM or Self-Directed, just by showing up and staying in our Beautiful Space. Stay with us and gain peace and good health by slowing down and getting good exercise in the ocean and jungles nearby, or take advantage of our whole package of healing and cleansing options. Whatever fits your budget and mindset.

See some of the shiny happy people that have come away with renewed vigor, peace-of-mind, loving themselves more and all-round better health in mind, body and spirit!


s.f. & l.a.


b.c. canada





We heal ourselves, we heal MOTHER EARTH! !
And we'll all be happier ! !

lead to thoughts of


This is the mission of LIGHT JOURNEY ! !

"Connecting with the Earth was an essential part of spirituality in many ancient and Indigenous cultures. The separation of science and spirituality in our Western culture has estranged most of us from our soul connection to the Earth. The Earth has become an object that is there to use. We no longer consider her to be a living entity. We have forgotten that she is truly a "mother" who provides us with everything we need, nurturing every level of our human existence.

What does Mother Earth provide us with? The Earth provides us with every atom in our body - either directly or indirectly - making us inseparable from the Earth itself.

The Earth provides the electromagnetic environment we need to optimally function. It helps us to connect with the more subtle energies of the Earth. These subtle energies resonate and interact with our meridians, chakras energy bodies. On Earth we find those energies in lines, grids and vortexes."

these words were taken from ......


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Why it is NOW necessary to detox a little every day. Our latest findings for daily detox is now easy and affordable.

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When have you given to yourself lately?


Give to yourself in a Magical, Nurturing, Healing, Transformative, Grounding Place!


Laurel's Thought for the Decade ! DETOX RETREATS

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. Jiddu Krishnamurti

Just look at the faces on our 'graduating' guests.


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Retreat Adventures in MauiRetreat Adventures in Maui Retreat Adventures in MauiRetreat Adventures in MauiRetreat Adventures in Maui Retreat Adventures in Maui Retreat Adventures in Maui